We all know that our home’s windows need window coverings, but it isn’t something that we likely spend a lot of time thinking about. In fact, when window treatments are working perfectly, we likely don’t think about them at all. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Window fashions can be more than just what we use to keep the sun out of our eyes. They can be as much a part of our décor as our furniture and home accessories. If you want more from your home’s window treatments, then keep reading to let Beginning to End Interiors & Blinds tell you about custom Hunter Douglas vertical blinds for homes near Sarasota, FL.

Vertical Blinds 101

While the category of “blinds” includes both vertical blinds and horizontal blinds, it is likely the horizontal ones you are most familiar with since they are the most common. These blinds are crafted for your standard, rectangular shaped windows. Vertical blinds, however, are created using long vanes of soft material—usually vinyl or fabric—that hang vertically from your window. This makes them a natural choice for large expanses of windows, or to use them for the sliding glass doors that are so common leading out to pools and patios here in Sarasota. Simply push them aside and you have complete access to your window, or to your sliding glass door, making it easier than ever to get out to your pool or your veranda.

Vertical Blinds Choices from Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas has put just as much thought into revolutionizing their vertical blinds as they have in innovating all of their other fantastic window treatments. Your first choice is the utterly unique Skyline® gliding window panels. While these may not look much like the vertical blinds you are used to, they behave in much the same way, moving from side to side to give you access to your windows, while also looking completely stunning with their Japanese-inspired design.

There are also the Cadence® and Somner® lines, which are created from fabric to give your windows the look of a traditional drapery with all of the amazing functionality of a vertical blind. Finally, there is the Vertical Solutions® line, available in a wide selection of trendy colors to give your windows budget-friendly light control.

Operating Your Vertical Blinds

Your custom vertical blinds can, of course, be operated in the traditional way using a wand cord to move them back and forth as needed. But why go the traditional way when you can have the very best? When you upgrade your vertical blinds with Hunter Douglas’s PowerView® motorization system, operating your vertical blinds may very well become the easiest aspect of your life. Whether you prefer a remote control, the PowerView® mobile app, or getting your Google Home Assistant or Amazon Alexa to move them for you, your vertical blinds will be totally at your disposal.

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