In this article, Beginning to End Interiors – conveniently located in Sarasota, Florida (FL) – is here to show you the benefits of wooden blinds. We proudly carry the full line of Hunter Douglas window treatments, including their Parkland® Wood Blinds.

Wooden blinds add a traditional and natural look to any room in your home. Many people don’t seem to realize the difference between wood blinds and faux wood blinds. However, there are so many reasons why wooden blinds are much better for your home.

Wood blinds are a high-quality product that is going to last you a long time. This isn’t to say that faux wood blinds aren’t. The two different products have many different pros and cons, but real wood is likely going to be a better investment. Wood blinds may cost more than faux wood, but it is a “you get what you pay for” situation. Wood will last longer and many people believe they look better than faux wood, no matter how hard companies try to make faux wood identical.

Another difference to consider is the weight of your blinds. Real wood tends to be much lighter than faux wood. This is important to consider because over time, a heavier window treatment would break down sooner. Lightweight blinds are also easier to open and close for children, as well as older adults. Especially if you have large windows or sliding glass doors you are looking to cover, heavy window treatments like faux wood blinds are not ideal.

People also tend to appreciate the warmth that real wood brings to a space. Faux wood just can’t provide that. Especially when light reflects off of your wood blinds, you really can just feel a warm, comfortable vibe. The appearance brought on by real wood into your home is matched by no other type of window treatment.

Not only does wood provide you with many aesthetic benefits, they also provide your home with more insulation. While any window treatment will insulate your home at least a little bit, wood has natural insulation capabilities that keep your home comfortable all year round. Who wouldn’t love a window treatment that keeps their home both comfortable and beautifully?

Come visit us and check out our displays of Hunter Douglas’s Parkland®, constructed of real hardwood, and the EverWood® blinds, which are made from a faux wood material.

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