If you’re aiming for a more minimalistic space or need to declutter your house, storage furniture is perfect. At Beginning to End Interiors & Blinds, we know all about interior design and the latest trends. We pride ourselves in helping our clients in designing the home of their dreams and are here to show you that downsizing or being practical doesn’t have to be unfashionable. Whether you have a studio apartment or mansion, discover some of our favorite ways to maximize your space below.

Storage Ottoman

Thinking of furniture pieces that provide extra storage, an ottoman might be the first thing to pop into your head. For those that don’t know, an ottoman is usually a cube or square shaped container that looks like a footrest. But what’s great about ottomans is they double as storage. Remove the top and you have an empty bin where you can place blankets, magazines, or anything in between. These can be used in pairs as two mini tables or as a solo piece. If you are looking to add a pop of color to your space, this is a great way to do it. Choose a bold color like red or yellow to make a statement!

Sleeper Sofas

In a bedroom, there are countless ways to maximize your storage with things you probably already own. For studio spaces, a couch that converts to a bed is a solid way to have space to entertain without feeling like everyone is in your bedroom. If you have more space, consider getting a bed frame with drawers built in or adding bed risers to your bed legs so you have room under your bed for storage. If you have room for a bedside table, get one with drawers that you can put clothes in. Create a makeshift office table by taking two file drawers and putting a sheet of glass on top. And don’t forget about an ottoman! It can triple as a side table, storage unit, and footrest.

Converted Cabinets

If you have pets, we realize it can be tough to organize and have a space dedicated to them. With cats especially, a litter box can add smells you wish weren’t there. If you’ve been looking for a solution for a litter box, we found one. Convert a cabinet into a litter box! When you’re home alone, leave the doors open and easily accessible for your cat but if you want to easily hide it away when guests are over, all you have to do it close the door. This is one of our favorite DIY we have seen to date for pets.

These along with a cabinet by the entrance for shoes, cube shelves, and ladders for clothes, scarves and anything in between, are all great ways to fully take advantage of the space you have and declutter your home. If you would like to talk more about furniture pieces for extra storage in homes, stop by our showroom in Sarasota, FL today! We proudly serve Sarasota, FL and the surrounding areas. We look forward to serving you!