home accessories

Home Accessories trends in 2017 have evolved with the year. You’ll find a few changes in trendy home accessories and a few things that will work well into the next years to come. Finding the perfect balance between your personal taste, trends and timeless pieces is an art. Once mastered, your home will look and feel wonderful. Not sure how to pull it off? Not to worry, we have a team of interior designers who can help you do just that. Here are a few of the top home accessory trends in 2017.

Goodbye All White Color Schemes

You will notice a move from all white interiors, bedding and kitchen cabinets, to more color, but not necessarily bold, bright colors. Colors right now are leaning more towards a muted tone and include light colors like blush or greenish-blue to dark colors like muted navy, charcoal and green. Gray, once as popular as white is, is now showing up in darker tones. Along with that, black hues have also shown up unexpectedly as color of the year for some paint companies like PPG paints and Sherwin Williams. These color palettes will dominate the home accessories from frames to glassware, fixtures, wallpaper or rugs. Even if you don’t like the latest colors or you are not willing to repaint or wallpaper your room, you can add trending colors in smaller doses with candles, vases or other décor pieces to keep you up to date.

Natural Textures and Modern Textures

Another popular trend for home accessories revolves around the natural look of worn wood, antiqued metal, plush velvet and woven textures, combined with man-made smooth metals and accessories. A great idea when working with texture is to add it in multiple ways to your décor. Try adding woven baskets to the wall or a beautiful woven rug, or a woven window treatment and then combine the look with soft, flat metals in either bronze or aged brass. You’ll find that mixing up textures creates a warm feel in your room and a natural look that is easy to obtain. Consider using reclaimed wood, repurposed furniture and pick fabric that is tropical or geometric. Furniture selection should include pieces that are made well and designed to last a lifetime. Add throws, pillows and other accessories to change up the look in your room. Also consider adding artisan furniture and unique accent chairs to create a unique home décor. Specialty furniture pieces like dressers with inlaid bone or upholstered furniture with just the right fabric, add just the right touch to create a décor your guests will never forget.

Finding The Right Accessories

Most people don’t have the time that Chip and Joann Gaines have to fix up their home and create a cozy look and although popular, that farmhouse style may not be your décor choice. At Beginning to End Interiors you will find an enormous selection of home accessories, window treatments, rugs, furniture and more. We also offer full interior design services including furniture placement and selections. Stop by our showroom in Sarasota Florida for a look at trendy 2017 home accessories and furnishings you will love! We will be delighted to help you create the perfect look. We proudly serve Sarasota and the surrounding area. Our goal is to help you create a home you will love living in, this year and for the years to come.